Duggan Mother's Day Tournament

May 12 to May 14, 2017

U8 Boys Pool B

ID When/Where Home Score Away
307Fri 6:50pm at DUG12Millwoods Jr Selects (Matthiesen)N/AMW Junior Selects (Edge)
365Fri 7:50pm at DUG13Junior Selects FC (Jacques)N/AU7 Millwoods Junior Selects (RYDER) FC
308Sat 8:30am at DUG13SW Sting FC (Malish)N/AJunior Selects FC (Jacques)
455Sat 8:30am at DUG12MW Junior Selects (Edge)N/ASW Sting FC (Saban)
368Sat 1:05pm at DUG13U7 Millwoods Junior Selects (RYDER) FCN/ASW Sting FC (Malish)
456Sat 1:05pm at DUG12SW Sting FC (Saban)N/AMillwoods Jr Selects (Matthiesen)
464Sun 8:30am at DUG12Millwoods Jr Selects (Matthiesen)N/AJunior Selects FC (Jacques)
462Sun 9:20am at DUG13MW Junior Selects (Edge)N/ASW Sting FC (Malish)
463Sun 10:15am at DUG13SW Sting FC (Saban)N/AU7 Millwoods Junior Selects (RYDER) FC

Game times, location and opponents subject to change