Duggan Mother's Day Tournament

May 12 to May 14, 2017

U14 Girls Pool D

ID When/Where Home Score Away
214Fri 5:50pm at VER5TRSA Shadows (Mendoza)3 - 0U14G Garneau (Nichols)
215Fri 7:05pm at VER5Twin Brooks (Brassard)0 - 3Spruce Grove Strikers(Arsenault)
216Fri 8:15pm at VER5TRSA (Wong)4 - 2U14 Girls TRSA Hamilton
213Sat 8:30am at VER5Summerside (Mendoza)1 - 0Fort McMurray Fury (Bielecki)
219Sat 12:30pm at MOU3Fort McMurray Fury (Bielecki)0 - 3Spruce Grove Strikers(Arsenault)
217Sat 12:30pm at VER5Summerside (Mendoza)5 - 0Twin Brooks (Brassard)
220Sat 1:40pm at MOU3U14G Garneau (Nichols)5 - 0U14 Girls TRSA Hamilton
218Sat 2:40pm at VER5TRSA Shadows (Mendoza)5 - 2TRSA (Wong)
221Sun 8:30am at VER5Spruce Grove Strikers(Arsenault)1 - 0Summerside (Mendoza)
222Sun 9:40am at VER5U14 Girls TRSA Hamilton2 - 7TRSA Shadows (Mendoza)
223Sun 9:40am at MOU3Fort McMurray Fury (Bielecki)1 - 0Twin Brooks (Brassard)
224Sun 10:50am at ERM3U14G Garneau (Nichols)3 - 0TRSA (Wong)
225Sun 2:45pm at ERM2Spruce Grove Strikers(Arsenault)3 - 4TRSA Shadows (Mendoza)
Team Name (Group 1) F A D P
Spruce Grove Strikers(Arsenault) Silver 7 0 7 9
Summerside (Mendoza) 6 1 5 6
Fort McMurray Fury (Bielecki) 1 4 -3 3
Twin Brooks (Brassard) 0 9 -9 0
Team Name (Group 2) F A D P
TRSA Shadows (Mendoza) Gold 15 4 11 9
U14G Garneau (Nichols) 8 3 5 6
TRSA (Wong) 6 10 -4 3
U14 Girls TRSA Hamilton 4 16 -12 0

8 Team Crossover

Every team has 3 matches in each group. 1st from Group 1 plays 1st from Group 2 in Gold/Silver match, 2nd plays 2nd in Bronze/4th match.

Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

F = Goals For A = Goals Against D = Goal Differential P = Points Mercy Rule in Effect


2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Head To Head
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks
3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals Against
  • Penalty Kicks

H2H = Winner of Head To Head

PK = Winner of Penalty Kicks

Game times, location and opponents subject to change. Scores are posted as soon as available, but subject to change in the event of a review.