Duggan Mother's Day Tournament

May 8 to May 10, 2020

Welcome to the Annual Mother's Day Soccer Tournament.

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If you have questions then contact Ali.

Teams that are travelling more than 170km will not play on Friday

Community Teams please register only as U5, U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19

Each Team is guaranteed 3 games on a round robin or knock-out

There are only Gold and Silver medals! (No bronze medals). U9 and above receive medals. All U5 and U7 teams receive participation medals.

U7 teams are not Tiered and do not qualify for any discount

If you have any questions, please call Ali at (780) 934-0351.

Welcome to the Annual Duggan Soccer Tournament. An early season tournament allows all our youth to play on an equal starting point. It is an opportunity to engage the players and to keep them excited in this great team sport. It is also a time to connect with other players, to meet new people and to celebrate a spring weekend with great enthusiasm.

We are all grateful for the work done by the dedicated tournament committee members and all other volunteers.

Hats off to Mazzen Black for coordinating our referees, linesmen, and officials. We strive to give the players every opportunity to enjoy their games and to hone their skills by doing our best to ensure we have qualified officials. We have the honour of having many sought-after referees here this weekend who are mentoring future knowledgeable and fair referees! Let's all enjoy this great soccer time with a positive approach and please encourage our players, coaches and officials. Have Fun!

Roger Plouffe, President, Duggan Community League.

Thank you to our referees!

Do you want to referee games in our tournament? Contact Mazzen Black and Eric Boivin for more info.

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